PC and IIS Server Housekeeping

This is a quick article on a few things you can do to keep your PC and anything running IIS clean and fast.

The first two are both going to require you to open file explorer.

  1. Type %temp% into the file explorer bar. Then select all the contents inside and delete them. If it yells at you for something, select “do this for all future instances” and click “skip.”
  2. Go to C:\Windows\Temp and do the same thing as in step one.


The next one pertains specifically to IIS and if you’re running it on your machine, or on a remote server. You’ll need to open up the following location, then follow the steps in the link below it.

C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles and then clean those out as well. If you want to keep the logs in there you can follow the instructions on the link below to compress them to keep it from taking up too much space on your machine.


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